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Work smarter, not harder!  The National Panther 5700 is the best choice for timely flooring removal and scraping.

The Panther 5700 removes flooring at an average speed of 120 ft per minute.  Floors will be left clean, smooth, and ready for installation.  It is battery operated, producing no fumes, and can fit into tight spaces with ease.

Removing  old floor covering can really add man-hours and cost to a job. With the Panther 5700 can remove up to 90% of most floor coverings in a single pass. This really cuts down on removal cost, which means you can get your job done faster—saving both time and money. 

See the National Panther 5700 in action!

Rental Fees:

             $750.00/day                    $3,200.00/week (5 days)

The rental fee includes delivery to your job site and pick-up.  No extra fee for weekend or night deliveries.